The Album Artwork: Story

I thought I'd share with you the artwork for my upcoming album as it's now been completed!

I commissioned an upcoming artist in Ecuador named Ricardo Herrera (Ardoric Art) to create this for me after I found his artwork on Deviant art by searching around for landscape artists. Luckily, I found Ricardo's artwork pretty quickly, I loved his style, and he was totally up for creating this piece of artwork for me.

My initial concept was for having myself overlooking these floating islands as if I was sort of looking for something to inspire my next piece of music. Which I know sounds quite weird but as an extra thing following up my last blog post on Perception where I mentioned I can see colours when listening to music, each of my original pieces has it's own landscape in my mind which helps me be able to figure out what it's about. Also, it allows me to be able to write them exceptionally quickly haha, I've yet to have an original take longer than four hours to complete! So therefore, this album cover sort of symbolizes that to me :)


Ricardo also created a few different versions of this album artwork which you can see below! Lew me know which one's your favorite as maybe I'll end up choosing one of these in the end haha, I'm still a little unsure which one's best:

Thanks so much for reading this, you can Pre-order my upcoming album 'Shades of Colour' here

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