A deeper look into my original: Perception

Leading up to the launch of my first album 'Shades of Colour' , I thought I'll post three music videos of three tracks from the album as a buildup to it's release. Today marks the day of the first release which would be track three in the album named Perception and here, I thought I'll share some more background details with you on the story of this tune and a little on the recording process!


So if you've been following me on my Instagram or Facebook page, then you would know that this tune was inspired by Alexandr Misko who is another fingerstyle guitarist who happens to also be extremely successful with his covers of popular songs haha. Anyway, last year (2018) during July, I went to this amazing bootcamp in July ran by Thomas Leeb where he invited four different fingerstyle guitarists along every year to teach for an entire week up in the Alps in Austria. Unrelated but I would highly recommend going to this if you're a fingerstyle guitarist yourself as since it's quite a lonely way of playing guitar as you typically always play alone, getting to meet other people like you is an amazing experience: Click here for more on it if you're interested ;)

Anyway, whilst there, an unannounced guitarist gets invited every year to perform to you and this year when I went, Alexandr Misko was that guitarist. Long story short, he completely blew me away and some of you may know already but I have that thing where I can see colours when listening to music (Let me know if you want me to go into it in more detail sometime) and when listening to his crazy, Russiany, Fingerstyle awesomeness; it was like every colour was inverted to me and in a shade of purple, it was really weird but cool! This made me instantly the next day, during our break I tried replicating that experience with a new original of my own and in the end, this tune here named Perception was what came out! I tried combining all the Russian influences with my normal style and I think it turned out really cool, I hope you like it!

The Recording Process:

For you lot more technically minded, I think I'll post a little on the recording process in each tune over here so stay tuned for more on it at a later date:

The past two years I had been studying for my extended diploma in the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford where although my course was in performance, I actually learnt a bunch on how to produce music too. From all of this, I actually purchased two Avantone Cv12s microphones, a Scarlett 18i20, two DI boxes, and a bunch of XLR cables so I could record this album at home! Which I did haha... I spent almost three weeks in February (2019) recording all eleven tracks of this tune in literally, just my bedroom at my parents house which seems really crazy because you would think I would need sound proofing and such but surprisingly, I managed to make it work! Since I'm only playing acoustic guitar which typically, isn't a very loud instrument so I figured out that if I position the microphones very close to the guitar (about 30cms one on the 12fret, and the other down below the bridge), you don't get any reflections from the walls coming into the recording so I might as well of been playing in a super treated room as it's luckily unnoticeable. pheew haha! As you can see on the right, here was my setup. A little cramped but I'm super happy with the sound and I hope you enjoy it too. Don't get me wrong though, when the full album is out, if you listen hard you'll be able to hear tiny bits from other people in the house in the background or a car going past sometimes. So an actual studio would be better someday haha, but it's good enough for me for now!

Here is the video to Perception, I really hope you enjoy and thanks for reading this too! :) ---





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