This tune is my first professionally recorded single that I released in July 2018! It gives a good idea of what my music is about and funnily enough, its about a capo which got stolen from me.. Don't worry, I'm over it now haha

Lost in the Moment (Marcel Mokbel)

This tune is one of my favorite cover songs to play! I played it once before in Saxon Switzerland in Germany and it's what inspired me to go Interrailing with my guitar in 2018. I really hope you like it :)

A Life of it's own

This is one of my most interesting original pieces of music. Annoyingly enough, I can't actually remember what I wrote it about but it goes absolutely everywhere so my mum came up with the the title A Life of It's Own and I liked it enough that I decided to call it that. It's also one of my only tunes that uses a loop pedal (maybe I should use it more haha)

Being Quietly Present

This tune is very special to me, I wrote it as a thank you to all the amazing people I met whilst in music college for two years. It's also a tune about myself as I'm a quiet person.   

I recorded this whilst Interrailing around Europe outside Neuschwanstein castle in Germany, hope you like it :)

Nuvole Bianche

~ Ludovico Einaudi ~

This is my own arrangement of Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi, I think it's such an amazing tune and although the original is played on piano, I just had to attempt to create my own guitar version. I think it turned out really nicely, it's super relaxing so I hope you enjoy :)


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