It's pretty topical at the moment, this song is of course inspired by the corona virus and the video shows the effect it's had on my town which is now ghostly quiet.

This is also my most ambitious music video yet! This one has got all the effects and storytelling :) - I really hope you like it as it almost destroyed my computer with how intensive it was to edit hahah

It's got a bit of a sad story - I wrote Onion in-between that limbo time of December and New year as I wasn't feeling very happy and I was super unsure what I wanted to do next year. The name Onion just sounded funny to me, maybe I got it from Shrek, who knows haha.. But in the end it helped me figure out how I wanted to proceed with my music and other things which is why I ended up last minute applying to University and I got in!

I just flew the drone a lot for this video so it's quite atmospheric haha - Hope you like it and it gets you thinking

Dedicate Me

A song named after itself because it was insanely hard to write and learn and I needed to 'dedicate' it haha. It's probably my hardest and also happiest fingerstyle guitar song.

This video is pretty fun and weird as I managed to create this effect where everything around me is either in slow motion or fast forwarded like a time-lapse yet I'm still playing the guitar perfectly in-sync - It's pretty cool and I hope you enjoy!

The Dragon

The Dragon was inspired by a set of books I read (or my mum read to me) as a child which were the 'Eragon' books which include all your usual fantasy stuff with dragons and saving the world and all that. I wanted to see if I could write a song to match a book and I think I did a pretty good job. 

This was filmed in Llanrhystud Church. It's a beautiful building from both inside and out and it's definitely a lot warmer than being outside in the middle of Winter haha.


This tune is my first professionally recorded single that I released in July 2018! It gives a good idea of what my music is about and funnily enough, its about a capo which got stolen from me.. Don't worry, I'm over it now haha

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