House Concerts

You love music and going to concerts, but have you ever thought of bringing the music to your home? Then I have something new for me and maybe you too: the House Concerts. A live show straight from your own living room, either plugged in or acoustic.

I can come over and perform a set for you friends, your family, or both! The audience is entirely up to you and how many people you're willing to pack into your house.

Just fill in the form below to send your request. It should be a really fun night :)



You have a living room and you're willing to use it as a concert room for one evening

The living room is located within the UK (Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland). If you live somewhere else, send the request anyway and maybe we can make it work! I love travelling

We need an audience of atleast 15 people

Please make sure your neighbours know what you're doing, it wouldn't be fun if they get angry about noise haha

I'd prefer it if during the music, everyone's quiet and listening. It's not much fun if I'm just being background music