We have seen quite a few young acoustic guitar players over the past 12 months and all have impressed in one way or another. One stands out for us though and that is George Nash.”

Saul Hudson, Yamaha Musicians

Percussive Fingerstyle Guitarist

Endorsed by Dowina guitars, Haka Entertainment, Mod devices

George Nash enjoys describing his music style as “quite weird” but despite this, in the past year since branching out on his own from music college, George has already had international recognition from his music which has taken him as far as Germany, an endorsement with Dowina Guitars (Slovakia), support from the European Youth, the Shrewsbury Folk Festival, and more! George plays in a multitude of different sub-genres within his main genre of Folk but with a twist: George is a fingerstyle guitarist who’s music incorporates all different aspects of a song into one acoustic guitar, live and with no backing tracks which is guaranteed to and to give the audience a new light on what the acoustic guitar is capable of!


George draws his inspiration for his music from nature and the countryside around his home in Wales and after he released his debut album (Shades of Colour) in August 2019, he even got the opportunity to perform alongside Morris Pleasure (Earth wind and fire) in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre.


What a talented young man - Morris Pleasure (Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan e.t.c.)

2019 Gigs: 

  • Kronberg, Germany-2019-12-07
  • Kronberg, Germany 2019-12-06
  • Aberystwyth Arts Centre 2019-11-08
  • Y Banera, Aberystwyth 2019-10-04 
  • Great Western Cricket Club 2019-09-15 
  • Between the Trees Festival 2019-08-30 
  • Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2019-08-24 
  • Ceredigion Museum 2019-08-07 
  • Landed Festival 2019-08-03 
  • Le Bateau Wood Fired Restaurant & Bar 2019-07-28 
  • Aberystwyth Fair 2019-06-22 
  • Arad Goch 2019-05-31 
  • Devauden Festival 2019-05-17 
  • Festival of the Celts 2019-05-04 
  • Support: Alden Patterson and Dashwood 2019-05-02 

Plans for 2020:

  • Be even busier!
  • At least one new song and music video monthly (hopefully two)
  • Lots of live music and collaborations