George Nash is a fingerstyle guitarist who plays the acoustic guitar in a very unique way where he utilizes the full body of the guitar to sound like a full band on just one instrument live, with no backing tracks! George was brought up in Aberystwyth, where he discovered the guitar aged 13 and since then has been set on dedicating his life to music. At the age of 20 now, George has already been endorsed by Dowina Guitars + Mod Devices, been interviewed by Yamaha Musicians, is a part of Haka Entertainment's network, performed at Shrewsbury Folk Festival, and won the Young Musician of Dyfed in 2017. George has also just released his debut album Shades of Colour in August 2019 after a very successful launch party in the Ceredigion Museum and he's now began work on his second with tracks available now on Bandcamp


George's music is in a range of different genre's and styles but his favourites are Folk, Rock, creating ambience with atmospheric pieces, Celtic, and Groove. At the moment, George's main goal is to just have fun with his music every step of the way and to give the audience a new light on what the acoustic guitar is capable of.


George's influences come from guitarists such as Mike Dawes, Jon Gomm, Petteri Sariola, and Sungha Jung. He also loves the sound of the piano and although he can't play it, Ludovico Einaudi's music is a huge influence on George's music and in terms of non-guitarists, George really loves Ben Howard, Paramore, Linkin Park, and Ed Sheeran!


What a talented young man - Morris Pleasure (Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan e.t.c.)

We have seen quite a few young acoustic guitar players over the past 12 months and all have impressed in one way or another. One stands out for us though and that is George Nash.”

Saul Hudson, Yamaha Musicians

George you are awesome at what you do! Have the confidence in yourself and you’re playing and you will go far and be happy.”

Shrewsbury Folk Festival

What I love best about his music is the unique and unpredictable qualities of his tunes. He's not afraid to explore less obvious themes and take the listener on a real musical journey”

— Nigel Gilbert

Something I Wrote For Fun - A Long Timeline

Back in the Socially awkward days of 2013, a newly turned 13year old saw one of his friends playing Electric guitar in an end of term Music class. It was nothing special but as a non-music-head, young George thought it was the most awesome thing ever and so asked his friend who taught him. Young George then promptly started getting private guitar lessons in his small town of Aberystwyth (Wales) with the intent on picking up all the girls in existence like every rock guitarist. However, that didn’t last very long as along with the Electric guitar, George was taught Classically and quickly realized that he found it way more fun then power-riffing in his bedroom. Now that the guitar picks were chucked out the window and the electric guitar was collecting dust in the cupboard, George quickly started investing more and more time into his Classical Guitar playing till one evening after a little somewhat-productive dabble in Canon in D, George decided to look it up on the old YouTube to see how others Perform it. Well oh well, his little guitarist mind was blown wide open watching Sungha Jung playing Kotaro Oshio’s Canon in D arrangement. Young George was very envious without knowing it. He even like when most people discover something new which changes the way you think, became very angry thinking what awesomeness he just witnessed was instead, terrible… 

Much like Modern day George, Young George never gives up on a challenge and something in the back of his mind convinced him to watch it again later on with an open mind. A few hours later after going down the rabbit hole of Sungha Jung’s Music Channel, gobsmacked the entire time, Young George realized he’d never be satisfied with Classical Guitar if something Like Modern Fingerstyle exists! With increasingly more coffee in his system lesson after lesson, George’s amazing guitar teacher named Jeremy Richardson (John Hacket Band) helped George in his new passion and learnt and then taught him whatever technique George found on his internet adventures. 

About 8 months in and just after perfecting Felicity by Sungha and subsequently naming his first Steel string guitar (Yamaha APX1200) Felicity, Slightly less Young George discovered Tobias Rauscher and Yuki Matsui on Youtube who got him into more complicated guitar rhythms and percussion techniques which after a few mild aneurisms (I’m kidding), his guitar teacher helped George get crazy deep into his rabbit hole of weird music. 

Fast forwarding, George then got some private tuition from the one and only Mike Dawes in his family home near Bristol, and then wanting to take his music further, moved away from home at 16 to the other side of the UK to the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford to study music (Previously known as Eric Roche’s Guitar school). After all the expert tuition was over, 18 year old George was now officially a music lover with his tastes going almost everywhere and his own individual style developed. 

With a sound described as being influenced by Ben Howard, Area 11, Ed Sheeran, Sungha Jung, Petteri Sariola, Mike Dawes, Thomas Leeb, Tesseract, System of a Down and more, George was now let out into the real world to pursue his dream of a typically non profitable career in music… But George intends to break that mould! 

In the past year current-year-George’s music has taken him as far as Germany, an endorsement with Dowina Guitars (Slovakia) and Mod Devices, support from the European Youth, the Shrewsbury Folk Festival, and more! 

George’s goal for the future is to become a part of Candyrat Records Fingerstyle Collective, and to share his music with as many people as possible and in as many places as possible live live live!! George is currently developing his own unique way to record Acoustic Guitar which he believes will revolutionize everything! After that’s complete, George will take it to YouTube with lots of new music videos and the start of his second album (Currently Untitled) which started with his release: The Grower. 

We hope you stick around :)